To develop a solid financial plan, it's important to cover all your bases,
including examining your current situation, setting financial goals, and measuring your progress.

From start to finish Blueprint Wealth Advisors can take you through our 6-Step Financial Planning Process to help you achieve your financial goals.



This is our initial discussion where we get acquainted with each other, and spend time discussing what you expect from the financial planning process.

  • Benefits for You: This first meeting is a no-cost and no-obligation opportunity for you to meet us, learn more about how we can help you, and determine if our firm is the right fit for you.
  • Benefits for the Firm: This first meeting provides us with a no-obligation opportunity to learn about you, what matters most in your life, and your retirement planning goals.

Discovery Session

We will identify, clarify, and prioritize your financial and personal goals. At this time, we will get detailed information about your financial situation and gather all the necessary documents/statements. We will mutually define your personal and financial goals, understand your time frame for results, and discuss and how you feel about volatility and risk.



"Show me your vision and I will show you your future!”

We will show you several different alternatives to pursuing both your life and financial goals. Using our expertise, we will help you select the best options available, based on your current and future needs.



At this moment your plan will become reality. We help clients implement strategies that allow them to stay true to their core values and have improved financial confidence.


45 Day Review

We understand that things change and we are prepared to assist you with those changes, focused simply on making sure you're taking the necessary steps toward the goals you told us were important to you. The purpose of this meeting is to check on your plan implementation progress. We monitor short-term plan progress by discussing successes and difficulties and then make adjustments as necessary.

At this meeting we schedule your detailed Wealth Management Road Map. Your Wealth Management Road Map has been designed to provide you with a process that efficiently manages the activities necessary to improve your wealth and keep you on track to your goals.


Ongoing Monitoring

The consistent monitoring of your progress is paramount to the future success of you reaching your goals. The purpose of wealth management is to manage the planning process so that you always know where you are today, where you are going in the future, and that there is a customized plan in place that gives you a high probability of achieving your goals.